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Amusing Coincidence

Some amusing coincidence I noticed last weekend and only just now got around to posting about:

I was rewatching various Heroes clips (Peter's Journey on and also the original 1984 Ghostbusters.  I've always liked Ghostbusters, and, seeing as it was filmed mostly on location in NYC, I figured it might help me in the 2 RPG's I'm involved in, if for nothing else other than landmarks.  Well I watched the movie first, then Peter's Journey and, although I noticed that both the Deveaux Building and Dana Barret's "Spook Central" were listed as being in Central Park West,  it wasn't until I saw the surrounding buildings that it occurred to me they might both be on the same lot.  Now, either NBC/Universal is messing with us, or, if Heroes is in the same universe as Ghostbusters was set, it is possible that Charles Deveaux purchased the lot after the end of the 1984 movie, and rebuilt.  After all, Gozer and co pretty much trashed the original building, and the earliest shots of the Deveaux building aren't until 14 years prior to 2006, which would make it at least 1992.  That would be plenty of time for a building trashed in 1984 to be demo-ed to the lot and rebuilt into something new.


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