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Massive Community Post #2

I thought it was time to repost this list, since we had originally planned to and have to yet to follow through. Also I finally updated all the links so if you've been waiting to see your comm there, it should be up. So here's the list of Heroes communities...

hiros_stampingGet Stamped as a character, and then stay around for discussions of the show!
vote_petrelliA new community dedicated to everyone's favorite flying politician, Nathan Petrelli. Vote Join early and often!
heroes_eliteA good icon community for Heroes icons. Applications are now open.
heroes_stillsAn icontest for NBC's new show, 'Heroes'
heroes_liveA place for people to go and post and squee about each episode of Heroes while it's airing.
heroes_graphicsA place to post icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, mood themes, artwork and any other graphics in reference to the television show Heroes, any of its characters and the actors who portray them.
heroes_alertsA new noticeboard community for Heroes to serve as a central collecting place for announcements of everything Heroes.
claire_bennetA community to share fic, icons, and more featuring the character Claire Bennet.
claire_zachA Claire/Zach shipper community.
claire_nikiA Claire/Niki shipper community.
areyouaheroA Heroes Rating Community.
heroeschallengeA weekly graphics [mainly icons] challenge community for the NBC series Heroes.
ninth_wondersA daily newsletter for Heroes.
heroes_auFan community for Australian fans of the NBC show Heroes. To talk, to bring together, to share, etc.
mohinderfanA community for those who write fanfiction, make icons, or just want to discuss how much you like Mohinder.
niki_peterA Niki & Peter community supporting a: romance, friendship, and/or storyline between these two characters.
heroes_theoriesA community to post theories about the TV show Heroes.
heroes_100An icon challenge community where you have the chance to claim a subject and create 50 or 100 icons in an alotted time.
heroes_limsHeroes Last Icon Maker Standing.
Note: heroeslims is also around, but is not being updated at this time.
heroes_metaThe purpose of this community is to promote fandom love and to compile the funny, witty, snarky, insightful or wonderful things people say about each episode of Heroes.
heroes50Pick a character, pairing, or general series claim and write fifty fics based on prompts.
heroes_ficFor any Heroes-related fic, includeing RPF for Heroes actors.
peter_mohinderA community for the relationship of Peter Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh on NBC's Heroes.
newbieguideA reference tool for those who are new (and maybe not-so-new, too) to LiveJournal as a forum for fannish interaction. Includes the Heroes Newbie Guide.
hiros_heroesDedicated to our mutual love of Hiro and all that he stands for.
hiros_heroesDedicated to our mutual love of Hiro and all that he stands for.
petrellicestA Peter/Nathan community accepting any art or fics related to this pairing.
heroes_hushA hush icon challenge community for Heroes.
pepsincigsWeekly Heroes recaps, a day before TWoP's. (Also recapping House and ER.)
heroes_peterA community dedicated to sharing fic, icons, and the general love of Peter.
daily_heroesFor Heroes related images and pictures.
heroes_fanartA community for Heroes fanart of course!
paire_eliteif YOU are a fan of HEROES or more importantly, a fan of PETER AND CLAIRE, then JOIN paire_elite an elite icon making experience.
mr_bennetA place to post fic, meta, and anything else about the mysterious Mr. [First Name!] Bennet.
heroes_claudefor fans of everybody's favorite Invisible Man!
heroes_sylarfor fans of Zachary Quinto, and the best villian on television
peterandclaudea new community dedicated solely to the Peter/Claude pairing
heroes_isaacAnything and everything about and featuring Isaac Mendez from NBC's Heroes.
heroes_photosA picture posting community for NBC's Heroes.
nine_wondersNinth Wonders! A Heroes RPG. Ever wanted to be a hero?
mature_heroesFor any Heroes fanworks with a rating R or NC-17.
heroes_gayfansA place for every friend of the fandom. A place for slash of all types and flavors to thrive.
wirelessherofor all your Hana Gitelman needs
heroesiconathonHeroes Icon Challenge Per Episode
100_wondersa Nathan and Peter Petrelli drabble community with weekly challenges.
milo_fansA Milo Ventimiglia livejournal devoted to exciting content and to bring Milo fans together.
Proof You Watch Too Much TVGeneral TV blog with Heroes episode talk every week and any other relevant info that comes into play.
heroes_nikiA community for anything Niki Sanders.
funtivitiesa multifandom icontest for funny icons only... Heroes icon makers are very much welcome, and voters too!
heroes15A fanfiction challenge community for people who've always wanted to complete a fanfiction table, but found 100, 50 or 25 stories to be too much.
heroic_mixA community for heroes famix enthusiasts! Join to post CD creations new and old, or just to be inspired.
heroes_castA community that will keep track of future appearances by the actors/writers/etc.
heroes_icons100a 100 icon challenge all about the NBC show Heroes. Participants claim a subject (episode, pairing, character) from the show and make 100 icons of their claim over the span of 10 weeks.
matt_hrgdedicated to the relationship between Matt Parkman and Mr Bennet
zqfansa community for info on Zachary Quinto (like links to articles and videos, no fan fic or anything for people that just want the interviews and things)
sylar_peterBecause one's a Hero. And the other's a Villain. And you have to decide which one's which.
spn_heroesIt's a crossover community between Heroes and Supernatural.
hp_heroesIt's a crossover community between Heroes and Harry Potter.
btvs_heroesIt's a crossover community between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Heroes.
xmen_heroesIt's a crossover community between X-Men and Heroes.
Sycophant Hex Chaos archiveSycophant Hex Chaos archive is now open and accepting submissions for Heroes fan fiction.
heroes_fanmixa community for all fanmixes specifically related to Heroes with monthly challenges and prizes.
heroes_macrosThe original Heroes Macros community
heroescrossoverA crossover community involving Heroes with any other fandom.
the_uninitiatedProvides parody versions of the episodes with an emphasis on *gentle* snark; we're not about being nasty, just pointing out editing errors, plot holes, and clunky dialogue. It's a lot of fun.
rare_heroesa community dedicated to the less popular Heroes ships. Slash, het, femslash and all in between.
sylar_claireexplores relationship between Sylar and his cheerleader
heroesrpgHeroes post Season 1 AU roleplaying game
noaireexplores relationship between HRG and his adoptive daughter, Claire
the_sc_filesa multi-media past!Heroes fic
hiro_charlieA Hiro/Charlie community (in progress)
heroes_extratidbits and goodies!
claude_nineThis community exists to explore the similarities between the characters of Claude from "Heroes" and the Ninth Doctor from "Doctor Who."
flyingpetrellisThis community is mainly for Nathan/Peter slash fiction.
heroes_slashFor everything related to slash and NBC's new show, Heroes.
heroes_vs2This is a virtual season two, an AU starting after season one, based on what we know from the first season and speculation on what's to come, and on what we'd like to see happen.
heroes_fanwankWank on any subject having to do with Heroes, and get ready to watch it fly.
heroic_limsThis is a LIMS community for the NBC hit-show 'Heroes'.
heroes_fanzineThe First Ever Heroes Fanzine: Bizatchin' Magazine
heroes_claimsClaim anything related to the NBC TV-show Heroes; characters, cast, crew, episodes, scenes, quotes, songs, etcetera
heroes_wantedThis community was set up as a place to request any and everything Heroes you might be looking for. Be it fic or other art, fanmixes, a beta job, screen captures, or anything else you can think of.
mopson_loveA community for fanfic, art, and discussion about the relationship between Thompson and Mohinder Suresh.
heroes_mixtapeA fanmix community based on Heroes.
heroes_icA weekly icon challenge community.
heroes_geekThe purpose of this community is to give people a place in which they can discuss the show HEROES and the ARG associated with this show with a bit more depth.
fandom_betasA place for fanfiction writers and the beta readers who love them. (Includes Heroes.)
12monthsback12 Months Back is an AU Heroes RPG set 12 months preseries
mylar_ficFor Sylar/Mohinder lovin'.
heroes_pointcpMostly, it will be for our discussion/fangirling/randomness/essays... But we want to include anyone friending the place in on the madness, as well!
mytwoheroesMatt, Mohinder, & Molly comm
noraazehetnerThis is a community dedicated to the lovely actress Nora Zehetner.
clairewestClaire/West comm
reel_heroesA Fic/Art/Vid Challenge community, using movies as inspiration for Heroes related creations.
peter_caitlinA community for Peter/Caitlin.
heroes_whatifAn AU Heroes RPG Comm. (Rules & Application)
gabriel_mayaA community for the relationship between Maya and Sylar!
mr_muggles_dogsFor those of us that know the truth about Mr. Muggles and also for fans of the breed of dog Mr. Muggles is...pomeranians!
cheer_and_flyA comm devoted to the relationship between Nathan and Claire, be that platonic or otherwise.
heroes_japanA community for Heroes fan who are interested in Japanese language and culture.
saltandsaffronA Takezo Kensei Community
heroes_festA Heroes fanfic fest based on prompts that people can submit.
masi_loveThe Masi Oka Fan Community.
heroes_picspamA picspam community for anything related to Heroes
unbreakable_ficAn Adam/Claire fiction community
mugglesandlyleA community for everything concerning Mr. Muggles and Lyle Bennet
mimic_itA Monica Dawson fan community!
elle_tricAn Elle Bishop Fan community.
heroes_the_listA fanfiction community where you claim a name from The List and write Heroes/OC stories.
personalheroesA community for posting your personal canon for Heroes.

If you own or like a community and want us to add it, please comment and it'll be included in the next post. :)
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